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A little bit about Friederike and her team!


Friederike is someone who is passionate about making people feel they have been looked after. She spent many years working in the travel industry helping her customers choose the best holidays. This ability to listen to the customers needs and transfer them into the reality of the event has set her apart from others.

Since arriving in Australia in 2004 she has worked in her favourite industry, food and events. She has catered for numerous intimate events and helped people create their ideal occasion. Her ability to conceptualise and understand what the customer needs helps to make each event special and intimate.

Happy Professional staff Her time spent living in Italy has had a significant influence on her attitude towards festivals and parties. She has learnt the art of combining great food, family, guests and enjoyment to truly make people happy.

It’s been her personal touch that has brought her customers back each time. For Friederike an event is a moment in time that needs to be special. Her creative mind likes explore how she can capture your feelings and transfer them into the atmosphere, making it all about you.

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